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Loading Manager

It takes fine skills and experience to ensure truck fleet can smoothly load and unload freight contents with minimum efforts and complete delivery/unload task within the shortest possible time at each destination/stop.

Loading a truck ( which, sometimes, will go through hundreds of miles and make several stops to unload related goods then go on its journey again ) is not just a task to match weight, dimension, and carton counts. The route and destinations sequence is the critical factor to decide how all goods should be loaded into the truck properly.

Loading manager of the dispatching center will review all destinations/stops along the route of the truck first. Align all goods in the order to destinations, from the furthest stop the truck will arrive last, loading manager will load those goods first into the truck. In order like this, goods should be unloaded at the first truck stop will be loaded last ( so they are right at the first row when opening the truck tail gate ).

By scanning the destination barcode on the shipping label, loading manager can check if the carton is loaded at the right sequence, pot on the right spot in the truck.
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