To meet the growing challenges and demands in the worldwide marketplaces, manufacturers are in needs of higher level of customer satisfaction, shorter lead-time, higher accuracy, and lower costs. All these demands are exactly the main purpose of Argox products: to help raising productivity in manufacturing industries.

Printers with accurately controlled mechanism can produce product and packing labels with automatic sequential numbering implemented.

Easy to use and snappy reading barcode imagers can capture product ID within a flash to build up the production, shipping, and receiving database without the need to write anything on paper.

Mobile computers carried by factory staffs can verify any item’s ID, lot information, supplier, manufacturing date, —etc via scanning the part ID barcode.


It is critically important nowadays to keep every part and product in the warehouse under electronic tracking system. Parts and products properly labeled with related ID numbers ( in barcode format ) can be quickly and precisely scanned and logged into related database. All tracking and retrieving information can then be monitored, even from a remote site, with precise quantities, and check-in/check-out timing records.Another common task seen in warehouse is order-picking. Based on the order sheet, warehouse team has to locate the parts listed in the order and pick those parts as needed to fulfill the order precisely in a timely manner.

Transportation & Logistics

Key requirement of transportation and logistics is to put the right goods to the right place on time. Actions involved in related process are closely tied with goods check-in and check-out, transfer of all data registered between origin and destination, goods transfer at cross point, and proof of arrival.

All the above mentioned process and control mechanism are derived from the following actions:

  • Labels with barcode printed and applied on goods to be transported;
  • Data collected in the transportation order packet via scanning all goods label barcodes.


AIDC products have been merged into healthcare solutions and related application with the ultimate goal to ensure patient safety, enhance efficiency and accuracy, and to safe guard all related actions taken in healthcare facility ( hospitals, clinic offices, nursing homes, –etc ) and by healthcare staffs.

As patient safety is an around the clock, 7-24 task, real-time response is required. Equipment used on monitor or verification purpose mainly is on the network for prompt database check purpose. All critical subjects are strictly identified including patient identity, history chart, prescriptions, medication identity, and personalized consumables ( tubing system, syringes, diet/meal, drinking water, cup, –etc ).


AIDC products have been merged into hospitality solutions and related application with the ultimate goal to enhance efficiency and to simplify the process plus shorten the waiting/idling time at customer side.

Used to process related works with pen and paper, hospitality business has given an impression of leisure and lay back to the public. Fast food industry initiated electronic POS ( and nowadays, touch POS ) applications in store to accurately and quickly process customer orders. Recently, table order terminal has been implemented in certain restaurant chain to further push customers facing the order and payment terminal directly so the working load of a restaurant table order staff has been drastically eliminated and the turn-over rate has been increased as the customer idling time and waiting time has been shortened, too.


To fulfill customers’ demands, various sizes of shops, convenient stores, and mass merchandise chain-stores all need to have their shelves well organized and with all product spaces full. To catch readily existing business and to attract new business are critical to the success of retail business. On the other hand, to be efficient on operations so customers can be checked out fast is equally important than other factors described above.

Argox products have been successfully been used to enhance the productivity of retail business for more than 20 years. Some typical applications will be introduced below.