July 2018

New generation solution “PI-GO” – find the thing you need in seconds

We are always in need to find something in our daily life. When the number of things increases, storage and classification become a big task. You may come up with an idea – It will be nice if there is something to remind me since this is a daily struggle. If there is a need, it will bring business opportunities. That is why Argox built the “PI-GO” solution.

The PI-GO solution is very simple. All you need are one PI-1060 data collector and several TAG-60. The data collector will scan barcodes and pair with the TAG-60, pairing data will be recorded in the data collector. After that, you can now put the tag on your goods. When you want to find them, just scan barcode and the tag will flash with beeping sound to help you locating goods instantly.

The PI-GO is an independent system; it can be utilized for daily routine work without requiring or changing any existing system. It can be used in many applications like finding package quickly in logistics. You can simplify the process of warehousing by instantly locating areas for storage.

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