Argox D4-280plus linerless label printer

Go green with linerless labels!

Quality of life starting from environmental protection. From now on you can make a contribution to a green world. Argox new D4-280plus linerless label printer eliminates waste and brings more labels to you. Using “Print & Paste” 2 steps to make work effectively.

New modular design

Users are easy to disassemble and replace printer head, roller and cutter without any tool.

Easy to maintain

With special mechanism and cutter design, D4-280plus allows users to maintain quickly and easily.

Special surface coating

D4-280plus has special surface coating to prevent paper jam, ensuring smooth operation.

Multiple interfaces

Built-in Ethernet, USB host, USB device, RS-232, and it can be expanded with Wi-Fi / Bluetooth.

D4-280plus applications

  • Retail
  • Takeaway & Delivery
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Government service
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