Model List: AS-9400DC

• 1280 x 800 array image sensor
• Resolution: 1D: ≧4mil(Code39) 2D: ≧9mil
• New European Tobacco (GS1 DotCode) reading available
• New European Pharmacy (GS1 Data Matrix) reading available
• Small-sized QR code reading available, minimum is 0.7*0.7cm
• Depth of Field: 60~200mm (Code 128, 10mil); 60~200mm (Code 128, 18bytes); 40~120mm (QR code, 10mil); 50~140mm (DM code, 15mil); 50~250mm(QR 18bytes)
• Drop resistance: 1.5 meters onto the concrete
• Auto-sensing (presentation) mode available

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