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Model Version Description Download
A-150 A1B0-2.03 PPLB
A-200  A2B0-3.00 PPLB
OS-203DT O3A0-2.03 PPLA After S/N 30526826
OS-203DT O3B0-3.01 PPLAB After S/N 30526826
OS-314TT S3A1-5.02 PPLA
OS-314TT S3B1-5.02 PPLB
OS-214Plus 214-Ap4.02 PPLA
OS-214Plus 214-Bp4.03 PPLB
R-400 R2AP-6.00 After S/N 40222543
R-400 R2BP-6.00 PPLB
R-400 plus R2AP-7.02 PPLA
R-400 plus R2BP-7.03 PPLB
R-400 plus R2Z0-3.01 PPLZ
R-600 R3A0-4.00 PPLA
R-600 R3B0-4.00 PPLB
X-1000+ X1A0-2.45 PPLA
X-1000+ X1B0-2.45 PPLB
X-2000+ X2A0-5.29 PPLA
X-2000+ X2B0-4.30 PPLB
X-3000+ X3A0-4.53 PPLA
X-3000+ X3B0-4.56 PPLB
X-1000V 100-Av2.01 PPLA
X-1000V 100-Bv2.02 PPLB
X-2000V 200-Av3.02 PPLA
X-2000V 200-Bv3.02 PPLB
X-2000V 200-Zv3.01 PPLZ
G-6000 G6A0-2.11 PPLA
OS-214 214-Z02.03 PPLZ
X-2000 X2Z0-1.15 PPLZ
F1 F10-B01.07 PPLB
OS-2140/OS-2140D OS2140-Ab03.00 PPLA/PPLB
OS-2140Z OS2140-Z03.00 PPLZ
A-2240/A-2240E A2240-Ba02.02 PPLA/PPLB
A-2240Z A2240-Z02.01 PPLZ
A-3140 A3140-Ba02.01 PPLA/PPLB
A-3140Z A3140-Z02.01 PPLZ
X-1000VL 100-Av3.02 PPLA
X-1000VL 100-Bv3.02 PPLB
CP-2140/CP-2140E CP2140-Ba02.11 PPLA/PPLB
OS-2130D OS2130D-Ab01.07 PPLA/PPLB
X-3200 X3200-Ba01.14 PPLA/PPLB
X-3200Z X3200-Z01.09 PPLZ
R-200/R-268 R1B0-1.03 PPLB
AME-3230W/AME-3230B AME3230-Z02.08 PPLZ
X-2300 X2300-Ba01.09 PPLA/PPLB
X-2300 X2300-Z01.09 PPLZ
CP-2140 CP2140-Z01.12 PPLZ
CP-3140 CP3140-Ba01.08 PPLA/PPLB
CP-3140L CP3140L-Ba01.09 PPLA/PPLB
OS-2130D OS2130D-Ab01.07 PPLA/PPLB
CP-3140L/CP-3140LE CP3140L-Ba01.09 PPLA/PPLB
CP-3140ZL/CP-3140ZLE CP3140L-Z1.02 PPLZ
D2-250/D2-350 D2-V01.00 PPLA/PPLB/PPLZ
D4-250/D4-350 D4-V01.02 PPLA/PPLB/PPLZ
I4-240/I4-250/I4-350 I4-V01.05 PPLA/PPLB/PPLZ
iX4-240/iX4-250/iX4-350 iX4-V01.03 PPLA/PPLB/PPLZ
O4-250/O4-350 O4-V01.05 PPLA/PPLB/PPLZ
P4-250/P4-350 P4-V01.04 PPLA/PPLB/PPLZ
CP-2240 CP2240-Ba01.02 PPLA/PPLB
CP-2140M CP2140M-Ba01.05 PPLA/PPLB
CP-2140M CP2140M-Z01.03 PPLZ
Barcode Scanner
Model Version Description Download
AI-6820 AI6820-S01.03
AI-6821 6821-C01.13
AR-3000 AR3-S01.13
AI-6800 AI-6800-S01.07
AI-6801 AI-6801-S01.02
AS-8020CL(Scanner) 8000CLScanner-V0104
AS-8020CL(Cradle) 8000CLCradle-V0104
AS-8250 AS-8250 S-05.16
AS-8250 Rev.B AS-8250 Rev.B-S01.11
AS-8310 8310Ver01.24  
AS-8520(Scanner) 8520Scanner3.05
AS-8520(Cradle) 8520Cradle03.05