1996 is the year Argox was established. Immediately started R&D for barcode printers and entered the market. Argox’s goal is to develop the best technology and meet the demand of international standards.

In January 2012, Argox Information Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of SATO Japan with a goal of becoming one of the top brands in the world.

ARGOXtake pride with its many achievements in R & D results that include “True Speed”, “Sub-sequence Memory Management”, “Super Historical Control” print control technology, “Multi-language platform, “Super-Alloy high speed” Printing module technology, winning awards like “ID EXPO TOP TEN”, “GOOD DESIGN PRODUCT 1998”, “SYMBOL OF EXCELLENCE WINNER”

In the marketing aspect, Argox has created its own brand of business by pushing its limits. Becoming one of the few Taiwanese brands that is known worldwide. Argox is now selling in over 70 countries. Even earning the biggest market share in some countries

In recent years, Argox presence in mainland China has grown rapidly, compelling Argox to set up a branch office in Shanghai, and later in other parts of China, with a goal of dominating the market in the mainland.

Since 1998, the sales volume of barcode printers has grown multiple times through the years because of continuously exceeding customers’ expectations, which became the key to increase market share. This in turn caused Argox to expand its production several times. At the end of year 2000, Argox passed the ISO9001 quality certification, and the ISO 14001 certification in November 2014. Argox’s dedication in the AIDC industry shows their long-term plan with their continuous investment in developing the best technology.

Humanized working environment, full of warm youth team, always self-challenge legislation as technology, is to create another industry model.