Copy bin file to PT-60 have two options:

Flash disk must be TFAT format.

Option 1
1. Copy the bin file(CE506.bin) to SDMMC card.
2. Insert the SD card into PT-60 series.
3. Enter My Device\SD_MMC copy the bin file(CE506.bin) to Flash Disk.

4. When file transfer is complete ,please check the bin
5. Goto upgrade firmware procedure.(in page 4)

Option 2
1. Argox download center down Active sync4.5 and PT-60 Users_Manual
2. Setup Active sync4.5
3. Connecting the PT-60 to ActiveSync (PT-60 Users_Manual chapter 7 Communication)
4. From PC Copy the bin file(CE506.bin) to PT-60 Flash disk.

5. Check the bin file(CE506.bin) in PT-60’s Flash Disk.
6. Go to upgrade firmware procedure.(in page 4)

Upgrade firmware procedure
1. Do cold reset (press power key and reset key at the same time).
2. Then press Func key and 0 key Immediately.
3. The screen will show information like picture 1.
4. Press enter key to start upgrade.

picture1                                                                                   picture2

5. After press enter key, it will start to upgrade like picture 2.
6. After upgrade, it will enter OS system.

PS. If it shows error message [Read File Error], please format Flash disk in TFAT format again.

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