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Receiving & Put Away

Receiving in retail industry can be so different among various scales of stores. In small shops, receiving task can be in charged by the check-out clerk because there are very limited items to receive during one day. Also, since the store is relatively small, the back storage room will be the only place for the coming goods to go and the clerk will never miss it.

However, in a big mass merchandise chain store, receiving will be very busy and the task, usually, will be handled by receiving team. Not only we are looking at maybe hundreds of items to arrive in one single day ( especially during specific holiday season like Christmas or Chinese Lunar New Year ), but also we are looking at a big warehouse for the arriving items to be admitted in.

A mobile computer with inventory management database and receiving order loaded will be the essential equipment supporting the receiving and put away task. Scanning the incoming goods label barcode will match the goods with the receiving order to confirm these goods are expected to arrive in this receiving order. Matching the database will give the storage location ( aisle number and shelf layer information ) instruction for receiving team staff to move these goods to the right place to put these goods away.

Key in the incoming quantity of the goods will update the inventory total quantity in the database. If using Argox Wi-Fi featured mobile computer, the database will be updated real time.

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