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Product Labeling & Tracking

At the end of production line, parts and materials have been turned into finished products. To identify the product correctly, there will be several labels applied on the product representing the product model, safety level, agency approval types, and special sign/message for end-user to follow. These labels need to be produced right at the end of the production line so related labels can be applied to the products immediately.

Argox label printers have long been used in manufacturing environment supporting label printing in different resolutions ( 203-dpi and 300-dpi ) and different printing methods ( thermal-direct or thermal-transfer ). With various features needed in product label printing, Argox label printers can print with automatic incrementing serial numbers. To support packing operations, Argox printers have optional dispenser to present labels to the operator and printing the next label when current label been removed. Automatic cutters can cut the label precisely for the operator, full cut or partially cut, to fit different operation scenarios.

Argox full line barcode scanners and mobile computers can support label scanning and database matching/updating. According to the application requirements, various combinations can be made for best possible fit.

Suggested Products

Barcode Printer

CP-2140EX iX4-250 iX6-250

Barcode Scanner

AR-3200 AI-6800 AS-9400 AS-8060

Mobile Computer


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