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Parts & Products Check-in/Check-out

How to keep close and accurate track on everything checked in or out of the warehouse is the key purpose of implementing effective equipments associated with all warehouse operations. On top of these management protocols, the key media used, in most cases now, is barcode labels.

Labels attached to all parts and materials all carrying key information such as part number, description, supplier ID, quantity per pack, or product model number, serial number, —etc. Part number, serial number, quantity, and model number are in barcode format ( either 1D or 2D ). These labels were printed and applied to parts and materials, products either by the suppliers or by the factory of the warehouse.

Argox label printers have been widely used in various scale factories and warehouses. Reliable, easy to use, and consumables ( labels and ribbons ) can easily be sourced are key advantages of Argox label printers over the last 20 years in the worldwide market.

Simple database resides in warehouse computer will keep all in/out records. Parts or material check-in and check-out will be gated by scanning the barcode data on labels and transmitted to the database. Argox has full line barcode scanners for 1D or 2D scanning purpose. To adopt the working environment, Argox also have wireless scanners which can transmit scanned data to the host computer via Bluetooth without the restraint of the host interface cable.

To provide freedom to the warehouse staffs to scan parts or material label barcodes any place in the warehouse, Argox mobile computer series offer versatile function and features to adopt the needs in various warehouse environments ( with wireless infrastructure, with Bluetooth short range pier-to-pier communication interface, without any wireless setup ) to scan all labels and collect 1D or 2D barcode data for warehouse check-in and check-out management.

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Mobile Computer

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