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Parts & Material Labeling

Correctly identify parts and materials are the key of productivity. Labeling parts and materials is the critical spot affecting locating, dispensing, promptness, and, finally, the productivity of the whole manufacturing facility.

Parts and material ID numbers and descriptions are major information needed in parts label. Either presented in 1D or2D barcode, parts label is the key link between the raw material and all the complicated process involved to turn the raw material into finished product.

Parts and materials can be labeled either by the manufacturer or by the parts supplier. Reliable yet easy-to-use is the key requirement to implement this fundamental label to initiate all tracking and retrieving process throughout the manufacturing stage. Argox has full line label printers to fulfill manufacturers’ demands.

Parts and material label can be scanned by Argox full line barcode scanners ( 1D, 2D, corded linked with host computer, or wireless through Bluetooth to work with remote database ) to support parts/material verification requirements at different points in the manufacturing process.

Parts and materials need to be verified against Receiving Order when received. Parts and materials will need to be verified against Picking Order when been picked in the warehouse. Argox mobile computers are ready to serve and fulfill these requirements with different OS, barcode scanning engines, and wireless features to be selected based on customers’ infrastructure status and application requirements.

Suggested Products

Barcode Printer

CP-2140EX O4-250 P4-250
iX4-250 iX6-250

Barcode Scanner

AR-3200 AI-6800 AS-9400 AS-8060

Mobile Computer


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