Great ideas make great label printer, Argox announces new desktop label printer “OS-214EX/OS-200”

The glorious history of OutStanding series label printer

Argox OutStanding series label printer has been well known in entry-level class since it was published in 1997. With best sales for 22 consecutive years and more than 2 million installation bases, OS-214 has been Argox’s best-selling desktop label printer.

New model: OS-214EX/OS-200

Valuable feedback from customers is the backbone of keeping Argox growth; we continuously improve the OutStanding series label printer and implement the latest technologies in it. We create the next generation printer “OS-214EX/OS-200” It is a powerful work tool in retail, office, laundry, healthcare, library, etc.

The advantages of OS-214EX/OS-200 are:


To continue the design of OS-214 series, the OS-214EX/OS-200 is easy to use and operate in space constrained areas.

Shell-Suit protection

Interface roof design can prevent the damage from water spill and keep machine close to wall, reduce operating space.

Flexibility for different medias

0.5″ / 1″ / 1.5″ media core increased flexibility, no extra accessory required, support various medias.

User friendly

Print module opening angle up to 110˚, easy to load ribbon & paper brings conveniences & reduce installation time.

Smooth generation migration

Operation methods are the same with the OS-214plus, customers are easy to get started with the new OS-214EX/OS-200.

Tearing-off the way needed

You can tear off the label the way you like or as needed, either upward or downward.

OS-214EX/OS-200 is a high cost performance ratio product from Argox. For more information, please contact Argox Sales team.

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