Argox AR-3201 barcode scanner is designed for daily operations of small to medium-sized businesses. In their busy and intensive working environment, they need a reliable scanner to capture data with ease and without errors. AR-3201 use Bluetooth wireless technology to speeds up customers’ checkout experience and gives increased efficiency.

Tip1:Cordless is fast & convenient
AR-3201 offers cordless freedom with Bluetooth compatibility for all day and everyday use.


Tip2:Long DoF Coverage
Covers from 1 to 78 cm scan range, one scanner that does the job of two ( standard range reading & long distant reading ).


Tip3: Reads high density 3mil barcodes
Users can capture high density barcodes commonly used on small retail items such as jewelry.


Tip4: Reads barcodes on LCD screens
Supports all types of electronic LCD screen, such as mobile phone, tablet in various mobile payment & mobile applications.


Tip5:Supports DataMagic function
Scanned data output can be customized to adopt various database structures.

Tip6:Vibration function
With vibration mode, users can instantly confirm a successful scan even in a noisy environment.


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