Flow the step below to fix transmission problem:


  • Check Printer LED indicator or LCD display information

Get User’s manual to know the LED status or LCD display meaning. Back the printer into normal status.

  • Check both of the socket is tight and correct.

You should close printer and re-plug it again. RS-232 should made by Argox factory(except OS-2130D/E). If you change USB socket, you should put it back.

  • Check it is “Ready” in Printer Driver.

When printer is on, move the curse to printer driver to check the printer status. If it was showing off-line, double click driver and turn to on-line.

  • Check the printer port status is right in printer driver.

Open the printer properties, find the port column and confirm the cable is the same in driver setting.


1.Printer Port: If your PC use LPT card, select the right port. PC port generally is LPT1, card is LPT3.
2.Serial Port: Serial port has to check the parameter. Default setting is COM1, 9600 bit per second, Data bit: 8, Parity: none, Stop bits: 1, “Flow control: none.
3.USB Port: Do not change the USB port as you can, it may cause the transmit problem. Default setting is USB001. If it is not USB001 , check the USB002, USB003…
After setting the right port, print self-test can test printing.
4.If the transmission is still error, change the connect cable or PC. Contact Technical support.