Match your media to the right media sensor is the first thing you have to know. Choose the wrong sensor to detect media may cause feed error or missing printing. There are common labels below. Each label has particular way to be detected.


Print Utility setting

Make sure printer is ready and link with PC. Running Printer Utility

  • Model: A-2240/E, CP-2140/E, CP-3140, X-2000+, X-3000+, X-1000VL, X-2000V, X-3200/E, G-6000
    • Select Printer Setting
    • Select Model
    • Select Interface
    • Select Command I
    • Check Sensor Type
    • There are Reflective (black mark), Transmissive (Edge) and

Transmissive(Centralized).Select a type you want.

  • Click send, Ready led will blink once and a frame will prompt out to ask

to reboot printer.


LCD Panel Setting

Some of model has LCD panel can change sensor directly.

  • Model: X-2000+, X-3000+, X-2000V, X-2300E, X-3200/E, G-6000
    • Turn on printer. When it is ready, press PAUSE and CANCEL key at the same time to enter printer setting.
    • Press PAUSE to select “MEDIA SENS.TYPE”
    • Press feed to select sensor
    • Press CANCEL to save the setting. The selected sensor will show “*” in the end.
    • Press PAUSE and CANCEL key at the same time to leave printer setting.