Argox printer offer an ActiveX software which can print in web browser. But ActiveX is usually blocking as default for some safety reason. In this paragraph, follow the step to adjust browser default. Let ActiveX and ArgoxWebPrint work properly. The browser adjust step is based on Internet Explorer 10.

1.Click and install ArgoxWebPrintSetup.msi. follow the step to complete ActiveX installtion.


2.Run IE and click Tools icon in right top. Click Internet options. Security tab and click trusted sites. Click Sites.

4.Add the web address which is used for ActiveX in zone. If it is not start at https unhook the section below. Otherwise, add website with https directly.

5.Back to Internet Options, click Custom level in security tab as below.

6.Click all ActiveX option to Enable.

7.Disable Use Pop-up Blocker and Use Windows Defender SmartScreenoption under ActiveX then click OK. There will be no hint when you open the website. Install ActiveX if browser asked.

8.After setting, if there still has a block to install ActiveX, try to lower your internet security level in Internet in Security tab or click Custom level.

9.Enable all ActiveX and click OK.