Indicator blinking means barcode printer is abnormal. You have to recover the printer to back to normal status. Check the LED blinking pattern and follow the list below.


OS, OX, A, CP Series
Indicator  LED status Description Error recover Note
Power and Ready Blinking at same time Media out Install a new label roll
Paper jam Recover the jam
Media sensor can not index label gaps Check the label path

Check the label sensor

If a continuous label roll

is in use, set “continuous media” printing in driver

settings or commands.

Alternate blinking Ribbon out Install a new

ribbon roll

Set “Direct Thermal”

printing by driver or

commands if no ribbon is


Ribbon sensor is dirty or broken Clean or replace ribbon sensor
Power blinking Serial IO error Check serial baud rate at both of our system and the printer. For serial interface only
Cutter has failed, or there is paper jam inside the cutter. Check the cutter or recover paper jam. Only applicable when cutter mode to cutter mode.
Other possible

Hardware errors.

Contact the reseller for further service.
Ready blinking Print head needs to

cool down

Printing will stop until the print head cools to normal printing temperature.

Once it completes, the printer will automatically resume the printing tasks sent previously.

Printer head module unlatched Close the printer module and then press firmly at both the left and the right of printer module to properly latch.
Printer is in

PAUSE status

Press FEED button to resume printing.
Printer is receiving data As soon as all the data has been received, Ready LED will stay solid green and automatically resume normal operation.


Indicator  LED status Description Error recover Note
READY and MEDIA LEDs Blinking Miss-detected gap



Check the media path

Check the position of the label sensor

For continuous media, check application and driver, and select continuous media.
Media out Supply the media roll
Media not installed Install the media roll
Media jam Recover the jam
READY and RIBBON LEDs Blinking Ribbon out Supply the ribbon roll Not applicable to direct thermal.
Ribbon jam Recover the jam
Ribbon sensor error Replace ribbon sensor
READY LED Blinking Serial IO error Check the baud rate, format or protocol between host and printer Not for Centronics
Cutter failed ·     Check the media.

·     Check the connection between cutter and main board.

·     Call for service.

Memory full Check graphics and soft fonts from host. Delete by application software for those no longer in use. Need to reboot the system.


Note:      After problem is solved, press CANCEL to continue printing.