When barcode printer printing image is shift to incorrectly positioned, observe the image offset position and direction. The offset position may be random or fixed. Offset direction may be vertical or horizontal.



Case 1. Printing image has vertical offset. The more printing image, the larger offset problem.

 This phenomenon only in setting continuous media mode. If you are not using continuous media, reset the media type to labels with Marks.(It is depends on the media your printer used.)


Case 2 printing image is random horizontal offset.

 If printing position is shift right or left and randomly, check media installed correctly and printer module. Confirm the media roller stack and media guide is fit to media. If the shift problem is still, check the quality of roller and printhead pressure is balanced.

Case 3 printed image is shifting up/down or right/left but the shift position is fixed.

Checking the media spec is right in firmware and barcode software setting. Otherwise, reset to factory default and doing calibration.