If Windows can not install printer driver, there are two common problems.

1.Computer can not install any kind of printer driver.

2.You can see other printer in windows setting but it do not show the new printer driver.


Can not install any kind of printer driver

1.Right click “This PC”and select Manage.


2.In Services, find “Print Spooler”

3.Click Printer Spooler to check service status is running.

4.After this setting, install Argox printer driver again.


After installation, the printer driver do not show in devices and printers.


1.In Devices and Printers, click Add a printer

2.Select “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and Next.


3.Select printer port.

4.Select“Have Disc”

5.Click “Browse” and find Argox.inf in C:\Seagull. Click OK.

6.Select an Argox printer model to install driver.

7.Select “Replace the current driver” and Next.


8.It will show the model icon when the installation is complete.