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Up, Up, and Away with Argox
Argox barcode printers label airline baggage

Argox Barcode News for November describes how our X-2000+ barcode printer offers a flexible and cost-effective baggage label printer for airport check-in. Also included is a review of two European trade shows and Part 3 in our story of the early days at Argox.

Application – Baggage Label Printer

TransAsia Airways is one of Taiwan's top three air carriers. Last year the company installed a new baggage check system at Taiwan's Songshan airport. Developing their own system using off-the-shelf components, the company chose the Argox X-2000+ barcode printer as their baggage label printer.

Baggage labels contain information such as traveler's name, departure point, transit stops, and final destination, which ensures that a piece of luggage arrives together with its passenger at the right place, and the right time. Translating and printing this information into barcode lets airline workers conveniently manage and track the baggage with the wave of a scanner.

TransAsia Airways chose the Argox X-2000+ because it offers the right functions, is easy to use and maintain, and is cost-effective. They found the printer is ideal for printing text, graphics and barcodes on baggage labels. Versatile and reliable, the X-2000+ is easy to load, and accommodates a wide variety of media including the fan-fold and roll paper stock used for baggage labels. In addition, the printer is easy to configure to meet changing needs with a built-in flash ROM that users can quickly download firmware to and easily switch programming languages.

The Argox X-2000+ excels as a label printer; it is reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and offers a more flexible and less costly alternative compared with dedicated baggage system printers.

Labelexpo Singapore 2004, (Booth D60)

Argox is exhibiting at Labelexpo Singapore, November 23~25. The event is focused on showcasing label related equipment and supplies. Argox is featuring our A, R, and X series printers, and our scanning devices. If you are in Singapore for the show, please stop by and say hello.

INVEX in the Czech Republic & SMAU in Italy

In October, Argox VP of Business Development Perry Ho attended two shows in Europe: INVEX in the Czech Republic, and SMAU in Italy. Each show had a few dozen companies from the barcode and data capture industries presenting their latest technologies. The well-known global brands were there, represented by local distributors. Both shows attracted a rather anemic turnout this year. Visitors were mostly professional vendors and the halls focusing on barcode and data capture industries were relatively quiet and empty compared with the busy PC and telecom halls.

According to Perry, IT and electronics exhibitions with a general focus have seen attendance drop due to maturing technologies and applications. In contrast, vertical exhibitions focusing on particular AIDC applications such as packaging, labeling, material handling, warehouse management, and retail are doing well, attracting major suppliers, manufacturers, and serious visitors. It seems the shows with focus are the ones to attend.

The Story of Argox (part 3)

By the time the CEBIT rolled around in March 1997, the OS-214 design was finished and ready for shipment. That's when the founders at Argox began to doubt their initial understanding of the market. Small sample orders for 5, 10, or 20 units started coming in, and they sent the units with great expectations. While they didn't receive any orders, they did receive valuable feedback as customers complained about one or another aspect of the units. As customers made their comments, Argox would immediately tackle and resolve the problem, sometimes within half a day. It was a rapid learning experience for the team, and a trial by fire that eventually helped Argox earn its reputation for fast turnaround and attention to customer service.

Despite the small sample orders, over the next eight months no volume orders were placed and the founders were shaking their heads. Potential customers wouldn't answer their phones, or were busy on another line, or on a trip, or had decided to purchase other machines. Assembling 200 to 300 units out of parts inventory, the anxious entrepreneurs put the units in a warehouse, and then sat and waited. By November 1997, with no income to meet their expenses, the money ran out.

Out of the blue, in December 1997, Argox received its first volume order. An Italian distributor they had met at CEBIT requested 100 units. Argox calls it the Christmas present that saved the company. The customer was Italy's largest barcode printer dealer and it distributed the world's top brands. They liked Argox's aggressive pricing—Italians tend to look at price first, much like the Chinese—which is why they considered replacing their "Z" brand printers. In addition, over the previous months Argox had inspired confidence with their rapid support and technical acumen. The Italian dealer requested language emulation for "Z" and "E" brand printers and Argox developed this capability in record time. Language emulation allowed the dealer to sell Argox products at a very competitive price. The reasons for this initial order were the key to Argox's growth over the next five years—aggressive pricing, language emulation, and outstanding technical support.

The 100 unit order gave Argox urgently needed cash. The company could pay their bills and begin to build a business. However, the products had yet to be road tested by customers and in the backs of their minds the founders were wondering, "After this, will there be any more orders?".

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