March 2013
Argox Scanners Make New Connections
Connecting with smart devices via Bluetooth and PCs via USB-Virtual Com interface

The March 2013 newsletter features new Bluetooth HID and USB-Virtual Com connection solutions for Argox scanners, as well as a new charge-only cradle accessory. We also announce a partner conference in Russia, and a holiday notice.

Product Info
Connecting Argox Cordless Scanners with Smart Devices

The Argox AS-8020CL and AS-8520 cordless scanners now offer connection solutions for Bluetooth smart devices. The two models feature Bluetooth HID that provides the ability to connect to other Bluetooth HID devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs and Apple iOS devices such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Please find the supportive operating system of AS-8020CL and AS-8520 in the following link:

For detailed information and instructions, please click the following link:

Accessory Spotlight
New Charge-Only Cradle for AS-8020CL and AS-8520 HID Scanners
A new charge-only cradle is now available for the Argox AS-8020CL and AS-8520 HID cordless scanners. The new cradle avoids disconnection problems that sometimes occur with dual purpose charge-and-communication cradles. If you require a cradle for charging purposes only, then you can request “charge-only cradle” when ordering the AS-8020CL and AS-8520 HID cordless scanners. Please contact your Argox sales representative for details and availability.
New Interface
Argox Scanners Now with USB-Virtual Com Interface

Argox scanners now support the USB-Virtual Com interface. A new driver bundled with Argox scanners allows a USB interface to behave like a Com port. This offers an ideal solution for some software systems that do not support the USB interface. The USB-Virtual Com driver can differentiate sources such as keyboard or mouse for use with the Com interface. The following link shows Argox scanners and compatible interfaces.

Partner Spotlight
ATOL Partner Conference in Moscow
Argox will participate in a partner conference presented by the ATOL Group in Moscow, Russia from April 10-13. The slogan of the conference is: “Think in a New Way”. Major AIDC name brand suppliers have been invited to give presentations to over 350 attendees. The conference will have two parts: one will be for sales managers and engineers and feature presentations on new products and sales techniques; the other will be for business owners and will feature discussions on strategy and marketing, and will include meetings with vendors and with the managers of ATOL.

The ATOL Group holds a leading position in the Russian business automation market for the catering and entertainment industry, pharmaceutical companies, filling stations, storage areas, production and service industries, and more. The group develops, produces and sells high quality equipment and software in different areas, and implements ready-made solutions for small and medium enterprises.
Holiday Notice
Argox Holiday Break
Argox offices in Taiwan will be closed from April 4th to April 7th for the Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb Sweeping Day. With a long tradition in Asia, the Qingming Festival is celebrated during the first week of April on the 15th day of the spring equinox. On this day Chinese people visit the graves or burial sites of their ancestors to pray, sweep the tombs and give food, tea, and wine offerings. It is also a day for outdoor leisure activities and picnics.

Our sales and marketing team will be checking their email regularly during the break. Argox will reopen on Monday, April 8th.