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Scanners / AI-6801
AI-6801 is the first rugged 1D linear scanner in Argox. Industrial grade IP65 dust and water resistance with 1.8 meters safe drop distance protection. It will withstand sudden drops and a variety of collision. Unlike the stand design and look of industrial barcode scanners, AI-6801 has more slick and ergonomic design for function and aethetic.

AI-6801 is compatible to standard 1D linear barcode, it also remove any reflection interference from the LCD display. Under Presentation-mode can also reduced the inconvenience while you are in the retail or packaging.

AI-6801 has high density resolution that can capture the code on 3mil barcode such as jewelry tag. To achieve more efficiency you want, the scan process is only in 0.0012 seconds.

AI-6801, with long DOF designed that is capable of capturing 1D barcode in long distance. That will be suitable for retail, warehousing and logistic industry.

The era of Big Data is coming, AI-6801 comes with DataMagic data editing software to enhance your usability. It takes no time to complete the setting with the user-friendly UI design; you will be able to complete the data analysis in no time.