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‧3mil resolution barcode readability
‧1.8 meters drop distance protection
‧IP65 dust and water resistance
Argox introduces the new I4 industrial printer series 2016-10-24
Congratulation! Print speed upgrade 25-33% for OS/CP printer 2016-07-04
AI-6821 at Smau, Padova 2016-03-08
Argox CP-2240, New Desktop & Commercial Printer 2016-02-26
Argox New generation 1D scanner – Light Ruggedized Linear scanners. 2016-02-16
AI-6821 at Smau, Milan 2015-10-20
Mid-Summer Event Invitation 2015-05-08
A Greener World is a Better World 2014-10-22
Argox 200dpi Printers Just Get Better 2014-07-21

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