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Order Marking

Coffee shop, in the morning, is extremely busy because so many people will stop by to have their first cup of coffee of the day. While busy taking orders, clerk of the shop might forget certain orders in between.

To avoid mistake like that, the order terminal of the shop ( usually, will have all selections displayed on touch screen ) will send order just entered to the order printer. A small piece of label will be printed with the type of coffee printed. Order desk clerk will grab the right cup and put the order label on the cup then send to the coffee machine staff.

The coffee machine staff will prepare exactly what the label described and fill the cup with the right type of coffee. Checkout clerk will then deliver the coffee to the guest who ordered this.

There will be no pen and paper needed to write down the coffee type. With no clear instruction attached, the coffee machine staff might eventually mix things up and mess up the guest’s orders.

Argox direct-thermal printers has helped thousands of juice and tea shops to provide simple and easy identification tools for them to serve their guests faster, with no mistake!

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