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Table Order Process

There used to be various ways to pass along to the kitchen orders guests placed. Traditional ways like writing on a kitchen paper slip marked with table number, slide the order via a wire into the kitchen, pass the order to the kitchen via walkie-talkie, —etc.

With the mature of AIDC products, kitchen order can be received via Bluetooth or IR transceiver then print out on a hard-copy. Order can be entered by the restaurant table service staffs via a mobile computer with all menu contents loaded with all options listed for guest to select ( for example, medium-rare, well-done, less sugar, no dressing, —etc ). The complete order can be sent to different destinations like the bar for drinks and the kitchen for other items like appetizer, salad, soup, main course, dessert, —etc.

In the kitchen and bar, there is an order printer installed. Order will be sent via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on the mobile computer to these destinations. Hard-copy printed will have table number included so the order can be delivered right to the table when ready.

Argox small footprint printer fits perfectly in places like these with elegant shape. Mobile computer from Argox with Wi-Fi feature can be put into table service staff’s pocket. No more pen and paper will be needed and all orders will be processed correctly as the guest wanted.

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