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Medical Supply Management

Just like general warehouse or stock room, for a medical supply room, everything going in or out of it needs to be registered and clearly recorded.

To make this task easier for the staff in charge of it, a laptop or tablet used to be the host device equipped. Recently, mobile computer has been selected to make the staff more flexible to move to anywhere for material picking or restore purpose.

All materials are barcode labeled is the basic requirement for efficient and accurate control. Incoming materials will be scanned using the mobile computer with material database loaded. Matching the material against the database, incoming quantity of this material will be entered into the database and the stock quantity status will be updated.

Materials to be withdrawn from the stock room should be verified for proper orders been issued. The stock room staff will scan the material order with the mobile computer to confirm if the order has been entered in the system. If yes, items listed in the order will be picked ( according to the part numbers listed in the order, barcodes in the order will be scanned and picked then ). Quantity removed from the stock room will then be entered into the mobile computer to update the stock quantity data immediately.

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