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Record Management

How to keep patient record perfectly safe and 100% matching patient’s ID are two critical requirements for healthcare medical record room staffs.

Medical record, no matter it is on paper, X-ray film, medical image file on disk, —etc, the first step is to clearly identify them with patient’s ID number. Argox label printers can print labels for these record materials in all sizes, on various materials, and in all formats with patient ID number barcode in 1D or 2D form.

These generic medical records, then, will be stored in medical record room and will be managed in a way like library. These data kept in the database will be the sole core of the medical record file under the patient’s account.

With the contemporary regulation and system evolved, medical records, nowadays, are under electronic format as part of the HIS ( Hospital Information System ). Wired or wireless barcode scanners linked to the computer plays the role to activate a patient’s record bank by scanning the patient’s wrist-band or ID card.

Mobile computer used in a healthcare facility plays the role of carrying the patient’s data bank because it has substantial memory space to download the patient’s record files ( text file, drawing file, image file, test data, prescriptions, doctor’s comments, or even records transferred from other hospital where the patient visited years ago, —etc ). Color display gives the convenience to show images with high quality, wireless features provide the capability of real-time update if there is certain process in progress now.

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