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Medication Dispensing

To ensure correct medication been dispensed to correct patient, healthcare facility has established tight control to avoid any mistake caused by human error. Argox products have provided substantial support toward this ultimate goal, patient safety, worldwide for decades.

When dispensing medications to patients, in-patients or out-patients, healthcare staff has to:

  • Identify patient’s identity by scanning either patient’s wrist-band barcode ( in-patient ) or patient’s ID number ( on the chart or on patient’s ID card ) using a mobile computer with patient database loaded;
  • Identify prescriptions subscribed to the patient by scanning the prescription ID number barcode on the medication bag label using the mobile computer with patient’s history and prescriptions loaded;
  • If the above two verifications are both correct, then, healthcare staff will scan his/her ID badge number using this mobile computer to register into this dispensing task to complete the whole verification and dispensing task.

If a tablet or laptop is used ( instead of using a mobile computer ), a corded or Bluetooth scanner can be associated to enter the above said ID numbers into the database loaded in the tablet or laptop for verification and registration purpose.

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