September 2017

Argox announces new desktop printer “O4-350”

To fulfill various users’ demands for a compact, flexible label printing machine, Argox has completed the design of a desktop delicate printer to extend the family tradition from the highly acclaimed O4-250 which is a 203-dpi, 7-ips model.It takes only replacing the print head from 203-dpi to 300-dpi, O4-250 will turn out to be O4-350 instantly.

Special focal points of O4-350

1.Printing speed can go up to 6-ips.
2.Supports all 1D/2D barcodes printing demands.
3.USB host interface is standard on board. It supports direct connection with Argox barcode scanners as input device for various data try and scan-n-printing applications.
4.Stand-alone printing can be easily achievable using an USB drive via USB host interface.
5.8.5”external paper roll can be attached via optional media rack for larger volume printing demands.
6.Auto-detects PPLA, PPLB and PPLZ programming languages.
7.Quick-n-easy ribbon and media loading fulfilled by clam-shell design and auto-centering media holder.
8.Memory upgraded to 32 MB SDRAM and 16 MB Flash.
9.Calibration and registration have been significantly enhanced. The new “Intelli.” mode & “Smart” mode save valuable time and paper waste.
10.More options – more flexibility: Bluetooth V4.2 with MFi support, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n), full-cutter, partial-cutter, peeler, RTC(real time clock), and buzzer.

Advantages of O4-350

1.It takes only changing the printer head from 203-dpi into 300-dpi, O4-250 can be a new O4-350 immediately.
2.There isno need to change roller, motor, or any other parts.
3.There is no special tool needed to do this printer head change.
4.There is no need to change or modify any system parameters or drivers. O4-series will automatically detect the printer head resolution is 203-dpi or 300-dpi.
5.This special design will substantially expand the flexibility and supply promptness of Argox business partners worldwide.

O4 Tool Free TPH change Video

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